Glass Artist | JUNICHIRO BABA | Artist Statement

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By investigating the visual effects of such simple transitions

between light and shadow found in everyday life, it's opened up

an ever-wider variety of possibilities for my future creative endeavors.

With " The Memory of Shadows ", a recent series,

my fascination is in the balance between man-made

structures and nature, as I remembered it :

I do this by utilising light as seen through cast and

stacked glass. As light passes straight through solid glass,

it implies the trace of the pure quality of the spirit of nature

as it moves through these physically massive structures.

As it is true of many artists, my creative activities are strongly influenced by the environment in which I grew up.

There, all existing space is geometrically divided by man-made structures. These creations powerfully separate

nature from society which forces nature to the perimeter of our experience. Nature is denied a focal place

             in our contemporary Lives. Nonetheless, the evidence of nature in such artificial environs prevails.

             The manifestations of this fragile but powerful spirit of naturethat moves through my environment

             remains the strongest among all of the memories.